Is Nextcloud 15 "stable" or not?

I don’t understand what the status of Nextcloud 15 is. It is offered as the default download on the Nextcloud webpage but is not offered as an upgrade in the “stable” branch (as shown in the admin settings of an existing installation).

On this channel I can only find a topic that Nextcloud 15.0.0 RC2 is out but nothing regarding a non-RC Nextcloud 15 release.

There is a Github Release for 15.0.0, though.

So what’s the deal?


NC 15 has been released as stable. It was mentioned that it would take some time until it shows up in the web view. If you want to update immediately, you may select beta, do the update, and select stable again. Worked for me.

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Per the admin page:

Note that after a new release it can take some time before it shows up here. We roll out new versions spread out over time to our users and sometimes skip a version when issues are found.

I feel that it’s worth mentioning that when installing Nextcloud from a snap, currently Nextcloud “13.0.7snap2” is what you get in the “stable” channel, and “14.0.4snap1-rc1” is what you get if you choose the “14/candidate” channel.

How did I get these versions? By running the command (as root):

snap list --all

…on my two Nextcloud servers, both from snaps, one on each of those 2 “channels” just mentioned.

There’s also a webpage, where these version numbers can also be revealed. Note there is now a “15/candidate” channel as well.

Is there a “stable” channel for version 14? No, not at this time.

It might be released as stable, but it’s not. Nextcloud 13 has been rock solid for me, but both 14 and 15 are buggy and not ready for a production environment. I may go BACK to 13 as I am spending so much time trying to get 15 to work. Lots of errors, some requiring deletion of accounts which can’t then be recreated. I have tried multiple installs on different systems just to make sure it wasn’t hardware specific, and I am still unhappy with 15. I am soooo glad I did not delete my 13 installation, which remains as our production server.


Ditto. :slight_smile:

One nice thing about snaps is that since they update themselves automatically, the snap developers/maintainers (who curate the snaps) know that whatever they send down the pipe will get installed automatically on a whole bunch of live instances. That places tremendous pressure on them to send something down the pipe that is stable. And it furthermore places a high incentive to be brutally honest about what is stable, and what is not. They vet a version as stable, by placing that version in the “stable” channel.

And by installing a snap, one places extreme trust in the snap developer/maintainers that nothing even slightly unstable will come automatically down the pipe (however, you do get the chance to roll back to the previous version, if you know snap well, and really, really read the man page of snap.)

Contemplate that before you decide to install Nextcloud from a snap. So far, my version 13 snap (stable) has been working great, BTW.

Hello !

Woow your message is a bit scary :grin: (I’m using Nextcloud 14.0.3 in production server)
What did you find to be not stable ? A particular app or global system ?

Depending of the apps you re using
NC 15 isn’t stable.

That why if you choosed production in the updater app you won’t be notified until 15.0.1

You have few problems with social apps, talk and two factor auth.
Nothing that can break you’re installation but could be anoying for your users

If you do such tests and experience reproducible problems, don’t hesitate to submit bug reports. I usually run a couple of these tests on a similar test setup before updating my real system. Often, some apps are not well tested and certain combinations can cause problems.

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Trashcan recycling breaks easily - you get a circle of death and no opportunity to recover deleted files. I discovered this on different installations, so I think it’s a legitimate bug. I get “Files not found” messages as pop-outs after I login, and I can’t tell what file is not found. OnlyOffice is broken in a way that is causing log messages - so I think it’s a Nextcloud issue. Access is SLOWER than with NC13 (and it’s supposed to be “2-3 x faster”. It just makes me feel uneasy.

Nextcloud 13 sails beautifully, but 14 was not great and 15 is worse. I have refrained from upgrading my 13 production server…and I am still refraining.

I will select Production for my development installs, but I am stuck with 15.0.0 for a week or so. Thanks for the tip! I have had to delete and re-create accounts to try to fix some issues with 15.0.0

“Stable” does not mean that the software is not having any issues and runs stable. It means, the development came to a point where no more major changes will get introduced.

That’s the reason for the “production” channel.

BTW: I run Nextcloud 14.0.4 on two servers with about 60 users in total without any major issues.

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I only get performance improvement going from 13 to 14 and 14 to 15.
Maybe you have a mis configuration or an hardware server too small for your usage.

I started with a raspberrypi for testing with one user, then a small VPS for 5 users.
Now i have a VM on a powerfull macmini for 10 users. It works great.
For my clients it goes from a small Dell Server with 8Go of ram and ssd to a big Qnap with 24Go of Ram and 12 To in RAID 6

If you think it’s a legitimate bug, did you report it in github? Else please report one, so it can be solved.

there is no such channel “production” in the Nextcloud snap world. Would it make sense to be consistent and have the same set of channels in all methods of installation? btw … the term ‘channel’ to me seems to be a snapd term. Neither is there a git branch using the term ‘production’. So, what exactly are you referring to?

I am talking about the release channel which you also can select in the Nextcloud configuration:

Yes it’s reported - I found it online when I experienced it, and added my own experience to the report. That’s why I believe it’s a real bug, not just a personal set-up misconfiguration. So far, the only workaround has been to delete any account that loses trashcan recycling ability (you basically lose access to your traschcan period). I am staying with the installations and will see what the first few updates do, but our production server remains on 13 for now. I find it interesting that others have minimal issues with 14 - maybe we have been spoiled with 13 because it has been literally 100% rock-solid for us.

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I filed a report for the main error that was repeatable and impacts the real-world usage (i.e. the malfunctioning trashcan). Unfortunately, we had a few one-offs on the way (notably “missing files” messages that appear after login…sometimes, and some ‘fatal’ log entries that don’t give you much to go on via google search, but I don’t like to post them in case they are set-up specific. We still love running nextcloud, but we can’t afford for it to go down. 13 has a lot of life left in it, so I am confident of completing an upgrade transition before then - but not this side of a few more 15 updates. We missed out on the upgrade to 14 for similar reasons, so we know we have to work at this a lot more to get it done right. One thing: you do get to learn more about your system when things go WRONG - maybe we had it “too easy” with 13. :slight_smile:

And what in this case means “release candidate”?

Straight from the settings–>Overview page:

" production will always provide the latest patch level, but not update to the next major release immediately. That update usually happens with the second minor release (x.0.2).
stable is the most recent stable version. It is suited for regular use and will always update to the latest major version.
beta is a pre-release version only for testing new features, not for production environments."