Is NCP usable on a RPi 4 with 2 GB RAM?

I wrote the latest NCP (date Oct 9, 2022) to an SD and tried to start it on a RPi model 4 with 2 GB ram. It wouldn’t start. However, the same SD will start on a 4GB model 4 RPI. Even though it starts, NCP runs very slow on a 4GB RPi. Anyone else has any comments?

My home installation on Ubuntu uses about two GB RAM, I think. It would be a tight fit if that’s all there was. Soon as you start swapping to an SD card, you’re in trouble.

Absolutely, ditch the 10mb per second SD card for a many hundred megabyte per second ssd over usb 3.0


it should work on the 2GB version.

As mentioned by @just try installing it on a USB 3 device, works much better and faster

I get it to boot from USB3 is faster than SD but that is not my question. From personal experience, an unmodified/unactivated NCP on a SD or SSD with USB3 interface will not start on a 2GB RPi 4B but will on a 4GB RPi 4B.

I have zero problems booting on 2gb of ram. Works fine, regardless of installation method.

My recommendation is to check your Pi firmware. The reason would be it is not properly configured to boot over USB, along with whatever other methods you aren’t able to complete.