Is my data folder well located?

mydomain website is in :
My Nextcloud installation is in :
The Nextcloud data folder is in :
Is it a good place ?

Thank you

I think this is not a normal folder name.
dot-foldernames are mostly used for hidden folders.
dot-filenames are mostly used for hidden files.

For security reason you can use a data folder outside of your webserver root.
Set the correct rights for user:group e.g. www-data:www-data (Ubuntu, Debian).

Thank you.
The dot-folder name is from the Plesk installation of Nextcloud, so I’m going to ask them why it is like that. Perhaps an extra security.
The webserver root for my domains is “/var/www/vhosts/mydomain/httpdocs”, so I guess having the data folder in “/var/www/vhosts/mydomain/” is fine since outside the webserver root.

I think not.


I have a trouble with a data folder outside my webserver root.

I have mounted a SSD drive in /media/pi/SSDRapsi and i want to put my data of Nextcloud in this SSD.
I have created a directory data for that /media/pi/SSDRaspi/datanextcloud and use a " chown -R /media/pi/SSDRaspi/datanextcloud " and a "chmod 750 /media/pi/SSDRaspi/datanextcloud " but it don’t works.
How have you configure the data folder ousisde your webserver root ?
Thank you

Please open an own thread.
chown -R /media/pi/SSDRaspi/datanextcloud
correct is:
chown -R www-data:www-data /media/pi/SSDRaspi/datanextcloud
Please post errors. You need root or sudo.