Is my client banned?

Hello Everyone,

i set up a Nextcloud Server at home and connected 2 Client-Linux-Machines. As server-address i used my Fritz!Box Connection-address from “MyFritz!”. All went good until i switched to a new Fritz!Box which has a different “MyFritz!” address.

The first client was at my home network, so i didn’t had any problems. The second was at work. I didn’t want to reinstall the work-client, so stopped the client and changed the address in the ~/.config/Nextcloud/nextcloud.cfg file. After restarting the daemon it couldn’t connect, so i tried to reinstall it.

Now i am having problems to log in. The assistant accepts the new MyFritz address, warns me that my certificate is homemade and the next login-screen stays blank. It allways stays blank an I have no chance to login.

First i thought, the machine was banned, but i can still login from this computer via web-interface and i didn’t find the client computer listed in the “oc_bruteforce_attempts” database. I tried to clean every settings-file i could find on the client and reinstalled the client-program, but i get allways stucked at the login-screen.

Any suggestions where i went wrong or where i cloud look further?



Ups, I found the problem myself. The let’s encrypt certificate was made for the old Fritz!Box address. Because the URL is very cryptic I didn’t realize it at once. After comparing the two addresses I realized the error and created a correct certificate. Now everything works fine.