Is MOD_X_ACCEL_REDIRECT_ENABLED supported in Nextcloud? Why is there no doc on this topic?


I’m using a Nginx + PHP-FPM powered server. Nginx supports X-Accel to directly send files without having to rely on PHP which uses way more CPU and can time out, which is a quite huge deal. With X-Accel it is Nginx handling the file sending and is much more efficient and won’t timeout due to PHP. So I’ve seen that there is an option in Owncloud called MOD_X_ACCEL_REDIRECT_ENABLED that can be set from Nginx, which would tell Owncloud to enable the X-Accel feature. That’s from the Owncloud documentation (, but I couldn’t find anything about that in Nextcloud documentation.

Is this feature present in Nextcloud also? Or is there any reason why this is not been ported also to Nextcloud?

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