Is it SAFE to disable open_basedir?

I’m installing NextCloud in a Raspberry Pi 3. I’m having an error that says:

It seems that this Nextcloud instance is running on a 32-bit PHP environment and the open_basedir has been configured in php.ini. This will lead to problems with files over 4 GB and is highly discouraged. Please remove the open_basedir setting within your php.ini or switch to 64-bit PHP.

I’ve found the line giving the problem in the file:

I can comment the line about open_basedir and everything things to go fine… BUT I’ve read it’s not safe to disable this…

I’ve found a post that says to write the right paths into the open_basedir option… but they don’t specify what is “the right path”…

Can anybody help me understand how much is the risk of unsetting open_basedir or give me an alternative solution??

Thanks everybody!