Is it safe to delete updater directory

Is it normal for the ‘data/updater-oc20leygohzu’ folder to be really huge?
It appears to contain multiple full file copies of previous versions of my NC installation. Is it safe to delete them?

Please do not delete the directory “updater-oc*” and “backups”. But you can delete the backup dirs e.g. “nextcloud-19*” or “nextcloud-20*” if you do not need them anymore. Do you have a backup outside your Nextcloud server? Please note that the directories listed do not represent a real backup of Nextcloud, as the backup is stored on the same server as Nextcloud. It is probably more of a rollback.

I do have my own offsite backup. Thanks for the thorough answer.
Does NC clean this periodically, or do I need to do it myself? Server space is kind of expensive.
Would be awesome if NC had a backup plugin that could upload to cloud storage like Google drive etc. (similar to Wordpress Updraft)

I think it would not deleted. You need an offside backup or your hoster makes backup … real backups.