Is it possible to upload folders?

Hello everyone,

I’m new to nextcloud. I see that I can upload single files. But it seems that I can’t upload folders.

Any ideas on how to do the latter?

Thanks in advance, and have a good day!

Hello Guy,

Upload Folder works on my Nextcloud with Drag 'n Drop.
So what’s your OS ? Your Webserver ? What Browser do you use ?




I checked too the upload only sharing (macOS / Chrome) with a folder and see, that only the files in the folder are uploaded. The folder or a subfolder is not created.

It would be cool, if you could upload a folder structure with files.

uploading with edit rights can upload a subfolder structure.

Feature request?

regards, Götz


I can upload a folder and it’s subfolders.
However, none of the file,no matter in the folder or it’s subfolders, would be uploaded.
Please have a look.

My platform is Linux and Chrome.


Dear Alan,

Please let me know how can i upload folder with subfolder on nextcloud.


Dear Shoaib,

On Nextcloud 13, I tried to create a folder with a non-empty subfolder and then drag-and-dropped via Chrome 66. By this way, you can then upload a folder with subfolder on Nextcloud.

Hope this help and if you can do so, please kindly let me know.


Thanks for the reply . Willl let you know after testing…