Is it possible to upgrade from 17 to 18 without installing onlyoffice?

i am happily running a fully functional nextcloud installation (without “onlyoffice”.)
i need to know if it is possible to upgrade to an 18.x-version without installing any part of onlyoffice (which i neither need nor want) or if there is any “official” way of upgrading without getting any part of “onlyoffice” into my system. (i’d rather not install it at all than first install and then un-install it.)
my usual way of upgrading is by a script which is fed the version-number and then does it by downloading the tbz-archive.
THX for your feedback!

Normally yes.
In fact the OnlyOffice you see advertised in Nc Hub 18 is a standalone App and not a docker or other thing.
If it install after your upgrade, you can go in the Application menu and delete it.

I think ONLYOFFICE will not be installed.
ONLYOFFICE is also an app so you can deinstall it.