Is it possible to run Nextcloud on PHP 5.6? And is SSL required? I'm getting error that it requires 7

PHP 7.0 messes up another installation on the site. Is it possible run Nextcloud on 5.6?

Also, is SSL required for Nextcloud to work?

The support of PHP 5.6 has officially ended last month (Supported PHP versions, so you should better try to get PHP 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 or 7.3 running on your server. Additionally the Nextcloud team is also no longer supporting this legacy version as you can see here: System requirements - Server

Okay, so SSL is not required then, correct?

It is recommended to enable TLS and an alert is shown if you’re running a system test but it still works via http. Nevertheless it is an easy task to request a TLS certificate nowadays via e.g.Let’s Encrypt, especially if you plan to access your Nextcloud instance over the Internet.

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Great, thanks for your answers.

@damian5000 what are the reason why you want to expose your system to potential security problems?