Is it possible to run multiple instances of nextcloud client?

My work uses nextcloud that I can connect to using VPN and I run my own server as well. On my home system, I have nextcloud client running to sync my personal files.

Is it possible to run a second instance of nextcloud client for work accounts exclusively? Setting multiple accounts does not really work since if I am not going to be on work VPN all the time which means nextcloud client status will go to “disconnected from server” state even when my home accounts are connected.

I have already tried launching a second instance with

“nextcloud --confdir”

This, unfortunately, does not work. All I get is this -

sync.configfile: Using custom config dir “/home/1tlaisk/.config/test_instance”
nextcloud.gui.application: Already running, exiting…

any ideas? Thanks.

Owncloud did something that you could install a testpilot for testing. It allowed you to install a second independent client for testing purposes only. But I don’t know how it is done.

What I did for work-related issues is to create different user accounts on my client system.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you direct me to some resource on this tech? I have never heard of this. At the moment, I am just using owncloud client for my work account but I am afraid it is going to stop working sooner than later.

Yeah, if nothing else works, this is what I will have to do. I am hoping to avoid this but not against it.

Sounds worth searching for configfile errors on the Desktop client github page. If none of those match, file a new one.

A couple options I can think of for now:

  1. Installation the owncloud client as well and just run both.
  2. Use webdav mounting on your filesystem to handle one of the instances. Will be okay if you just need remote mounting… this is all Nextcloud desktop client really does besides also saving to your local filesystem.

The nextcloud client supports multiple accounts, so why would you want multiple instances?

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Apparently due to running into configuration problems with accessing the client through a vpn for work vs. a standard connection for home… see original post.

What kind of vpn are you using? Will need more technical details to diagnose this.

No. I only know that it was done somehow, but you’d probably have to build a client on your own.

In my case, inside remote desktop server, in a way that each user could run the nextcloud client insite its desktop.