Is it possible to route upnp over nextcloud

so that miniDLNA can share it multi media files to nextcloud client?

I don’t think so, but you can install minidlna on your nextcloud server and put your multimedia files in a group folder and add the group folder to the minidla-config.

I have minidlna server with 80G content before I install NC onto that machine.

I have tried Audio Player on NC. I need to add those mp3 files into NC before I can point Audio Player to scan that directory. To feed NC’s mysql db, I need to create each folder/sub-folder manually on NC’s webui, then add one sub-sub-folder’s files each folder a time thru webui … … have not successfully used webdav for this purpose before.

I aware that upnp raises quite some non-stop security concern. Seems no way out in near future.