Is it possible to reset every user's avatar picture?

Hey people,

I’ve migrated my server twice now, on the first time (from Snap to plain webserver) the users on my server who don’t have an avatar picture just have a colour without the first initial.

Is it possible to fix this?

As a side note, how does Nextcloud store avatar pictures? – I’ve tried looking in the Nextcloud folder on my webserver and through the database… still not sure.

Hi bobymcbobs,

the avatars are stored as appdata:

nextcloud=> select path from filecache where name like 'avatar%' and path like '%username%';

With the result you can remove the old generated avatas:

find $NCSERVERROOT/appdata_oc6f59l0az9t/avatar  -name generated | while read L; do pushd $(dirname $L); rm -f *.png; popd; done

If you have redis for nc, flush the db with:

redis-cli flushdb

next, let occ rescan the app-data files with:

sudo -u wwwrun php $NCSERVERROOT/occ files:scan-app-data

and finaly logoff, reload with CTRL+F5 and logon