Is it possible to replace email notifications with something else?


First of all thanks a lot for Nextcloud. I’m enjoying its features and it has helped me move away from Google. One further step I would like to take is remove my dependency on email.

In order to do so, I would like to replace Nextcloud’s email notifications with something custom like SMS (Twilio), IRC (Matrix), Signal, Whatsapp, etc… I imagine the way to do this would be with a custom command that takes the parameters:

  • username or user.field e.g user.phone_number
  • message

Does anybody know of an app or way to do this? I wouldn’t mind writing an app if this doesn’t exist yet.

Thank you.

Afaik this kind of function doesn’t exist yet. I found a similar request which haven’t been answered until now.

In the app store you will find the app Two-Factor Gateway an app which allows to use Signal, SMS or Telegram for a second factor authentication but not to send activities.