Is it possible to make a group use external storage only without affect other group?


I just finish my nextcloud setup and add an externel storage. I have two groups: admin for me only, and Pigeon for my friends who write novel toeghter.

That VPS is not a tiny one but still don’t have enough storage space for us (We need at least 0.5TB). And I still need the internal storage for my PT server. So here’s what I want:

  1. Use externel storage as primary storage only for group Pigeon, each one has 10GB for there articles.
  2. Keep group admin (aka myself) use internel storage as my primary storage, and still have the right to access that externel storage as others.

It’s that possible with the features and add-ons we could use right now? If is not, Is it possible that I (or we?) write an add-on to make this feature usable?

I’m a noob with nextcloud and php but I belive with your guys’ help I could make this happend.:slight_smile:

Thanks for everyone’s help.