Is it possible to host other web-based apps on nextcloudpi?

Okay so I realize this is 100% a noob question, but I am very new to self-hosting. I got tired of hosting my nextcloud instance with a hosting provider, so I bought a Raspberry Pi 400 and put nextcloudpi on it. However, I’m also wanting to host other apps like Moodle or Adapt Learning. When I try to install Moodle I can’t seem to reach it from the browser. I put the Moodle folder in /var/www/html, but when I go to “https://[nextcloudpi ip]/moodle” it just redirects to my nextcloud instance. Is this going to happen for anything I try to self-host?

I am very comfortable with Linux and the command line but have not gone TOO deep into hosting type things.

I’m familiar with NextcloudPi but in general you can’t drop things into WWW directory of Nextcloud and expect the to become accessible… additionally this is definitely not a good idea from operations points of view (backup, updates etc.) - even if it works know what do when the release of one of the apps requires another PHP version or backend DB?

it doesn’t mean you can’t share the hardware but I would always recommend to separate applications as far as possible. Today with virtual machines and docker containers this is really simple, I’m aware people run docker even on Pi - I assume this is not fast but it works and gives you really good separation of different applications. You can combine everything you need for your application like database, redis, webserver into one docker-compose and have multiple applications accessible using a reverse proxy like traefik, Apache or Nginx…


Such separation makes it much easier to maintain every application at it’s own pace and it’s far easier to backup and restore only thing which belong to the specific application…