Is it possible to have users somehow add/update their contact info to my contact list?

Is it possible to have anyone somehow update their contact info on my contact list with some sort of temp share link or something ?

You can officially share your address book with a user and grant write access to it.

I figured something were possible but not sure how I can mold this into what I want to do.
I may not have asked the question correctly.

What about sharing only that contact card with one person ? or share that card with only a single email address or something similar to a photo shared email link ?

I’m hoping there is something I can do to limit sharing an entire address book where every user I share it with sees everything about the other contacts.

Perhaps the user could create an address book with only their one single contact in there. Then share with the admin. This might limit everyone from seeing everything accept the admin. I wonder how that might work.

However, doesn’t the user already have a contact info listed for the admin in the contacts ?

I’m not sure how I can do this with nextcloud exactly.
If the user was on the admin contact list by default and their profile was a contact that might be easier if I could do that somehow. I’m not really sure how I could make this work like I want to as far as having updated contact info from the contact themselves.

Thanks for the responses all info is always more info then I had before.