Is it possible to have a nc-server version filter on Appstore site?

I was wondering if it was possible to have a kind of a filter for nc-server versions on (and later on within your NC as well, maybe even automated)?

It would definitly help finding the fitting apps for your NC much faster.

What do you guys think of it?
Open to other/different opinions and/or enhancements of this idea. But keep in mind to keep the ideas simple (as a first step)



PS. It’s clear that we as the forum can’t really implement this… this would be needed to done by someone from @staff


Filter by what version? Nextcloud? So like “Show only apps compatible with Nextcloud 18”?

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exactly that.
edited title. and text.

Aren’t most people using the latest (or latest-1) version of Nextcloud and arent’t most relevant apps available for all Nextcloud versions? I don’t really see the use case to be honest.

What problem have you encountered that would be solved with this filter?

from my point of view there are many outdated apps… either on or in your personal app-section

so why not having this filter? if i’d be running nc 17 (just reached it’s EOL just now) I’m not interested in apps for nc 20 (nor nc 15).

i think it shouldn’t be too difficult to install that to the site.

but we don’t know yet how the new app-api-treatment will effect dealing with apps in the future.

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