Is it possible to get users connexion details (distant IP, OS, ...)?


Is it possible to get users connexion details (distant IP, OS, Hostname …) ?

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Please use the search - lot of issues have been discussed already. good search term is audit and maybe real-ip


I’ve already checked some subjects and i can’t find something to answer my needs.

and now you the community to do your job?

I’m sorry this is not how it works members of this community spend their spare time to support others - please respect this - ask a precise question, provide required informations and show what you tried so far. The two tags I liked provide more then enough results to solve the problem.

We cannot provide detailed information without knowing how you have set up your instance.

IP information about client connections can be found in the web server log. Or, as @wwe already mentioned, you could set up the Admin audit log, which will give you detailed information about what which user or clinet did on your Nextcloud instance at what time.

You won’t be able to find out a client’s hostname easily (at least not at the network layer), as it’s not reported by the clients - but on a local network you could solve this by doing reverse DNS lookups if you have set up PTR records for all your clients in your local DNS, but that’s not something Nextcloud can do for you.


The answer to this question depends on so many factors, that you will have to provide a little more information about your setup.

Public IP of client:
Depends on route to your server. If there is port forwardings and reverse proxy in the mix, this is much more complicated.

OS: This is generically available, to some degree, in the frontend. However there is no real way to actually know the OS of the client, as this can be from a containered browser or client (NC client).

Hostname: Only possible with reverse dns lookup, but the chance is that one public IP can return several possible hostnames (A records) is there. Further you will get the hostname(s) registered to the public IP and not the device.


Yes, it can make sense to a certain degree to do a reverse DNS lookup for a public IP. You might be able to find out to which organistaion or to which ISP an IP belongs, if they have setup PTR records. But as you said, you won’t find out anything about the clients behind that IP.


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