Is it possible to export a m3u playlist or RSS feed of MP3?


I’d like to start using Alexa skill “My Pod” to self-host some music to stream through Amazon Echo.

“My Pod” support tell me this should work if I can expose a playlist (m3u) or RSS feed of some publicly accessible MP3 files.

I can make a folder accessible by public link, so I can access files without authentication with URLs of the form:


So is there any way I can expose an RSS or m3u of all the MP3s in a folder like this?

I suppose I could use my webdav mount on a linux machine to construct playlists, hmm. I wonder if that could work?

Anyway, I’d appreciate any community input on this.


Perhaps you can use an audio player. Not tested.

Perhaps there are other audo players and audio software.

Thanks, I tried audioplayer but from what I can tell there aren’t any playlist creation tools in there. It will play playlists of music you upload.

Maybe I’ve just missed it in the UI though, I’ll look more.