Is it possible to change the MariaDB/MySQL username and password?

When I initially installed Nextcloud, I created the MariaDB database user as 'whateveruser' since I was just testing.

Is it possible to now rename this same user to 'nextclouduser' without breaking Nextcloud?

A quick Google search reveals that I could use the MySQL RENAME USER statement to implement the change in MySQL.

Would I then simply reflect the change in the config.php file?

'dbuser' => 'nextclouduser',

How about the database password? Can I apply the same concept?


Hello @DonDowner ,
in general you could create multiple users for one and the same database.
Just keep in mind that each users might have different rights which you set up.

For the Nextcloud config you need to edit dbuser as well as dbpassword to use the new/modified user.


Thank you, i will give it a go then.

i you are an advanced user and aware and comfortable sending raw sql to your server its is possible to change a users password and stuff. But I’d say at this point just don’t touch a runing system unless absolutly needed.

Definitely not an advanced user, and have no clue what raw sql means :confused:

SQL is a language to speak with DB server, to say it in a nutshell.
As long as you have root permission on your server their is nothing you can’t do with your database.
Normally the nextcloud handles the db for you and sending sql to the server to update it if needed.

Something like this should work:

Butt be aware that if you crash your database your hole nextcloud becomes useless.

Awesome, will give it a go. Thanks @DrJambus !