Is it possible to automatically tag a file on download?


We have a requirement where users should know whether a file was already downloaded.
Currently this is achieved by the below manual process.

  1. The first user who downloads a file will manually add a tag to the given file. The value of tag - “downloaded”
  2. The other users who are interested in the given file can check for the tag value “downloaded” and identify if the file is downloaded/processed.

The problem here is that adding the tag manually is tedious and also users may forget to add the tag. So we want to know if there is a possibility to add the tag automatically on the download action.
Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Suresh

right now not, there is a Tagging module for the Nextcloud Flow application but currently this only works on upload, not on download:


Thanks for your quick response @simonspa. Is there an alternate way to identify if a file is already downloaded?


What I’m using is the Downloads Activity app which at least sends you an email for shared file downloads - but I’m not sure that is applicable to your use case: