Is it possible to access files directly through the server?

I have built my own server running Ubuntu LTS 16.04 and have direct access to the storage. Nextcloud is running properly, but it takes time to upload large files. Would it be possible to locate the files or folders on my physical hard drive rather than access them through the web interface for an easier upload? I am trying to transfer about 750GB+ on to my server, but I really don’t want to upload it though the web interface. I’m not that familiar with linux, but I’m learning on the way.

Thanks for any help!

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Awesome, I just had the same question. I’m on Arch, and I know where the files are located. However, I worry that I could cause a problem for the database.

You shouldn’t do this with Nextcloud’s main storage (the data folder). But you can use external storage which can be just another folder in your Nextcloud server. Then you can as well access it via SFTP (or SMB on a local network) with higher transfer rates.