Is it possible and useful to sync pictures from a smartphone?


I have a file-sync scenario for AndroidClient <-> nextcloud on which I wanted to hear your opinion if this would be possible and useful:
Since certain female people in my close personal environment :grin: like to lose/destroy/lower/shatter/got it stolen/… her smartphone, it is relatively painful when the holiday photos and videos of the kids etc. are gone and the last backup was three weeks ago.

my thought: Could sb. sync the content, that is located in the smartphones’ camera folder (on the SD card within /storage/0/emulated/bla/blubb/camera/DCIM), to nextcloud with the official Android nextcloud client?
Can the Android client access this folder at all?

And does this project make any sense at all? There’s a lot of stuff in the camera folder (photos, videos, content from WhatsApp & Co., so many, many GB of data). Can this be done reasonably with smartphone hardware without the battery being empty afterwards and the thingie melting into the ground?
I think a daily sync, preferably in the evening, would be enough.

Thank you for your opinion and best regards,

Android app can auto upload chosen photo folders to the server. That is what I have on my wife’s phone. You can also backup some other stuff like contacts and sms (via NC addon+app)

The only issue with the method above is that it does not upload the existing photos, only the new ones after you enable the feature, which I do not understand the logic. So you have to first transfer the existing stuff to your server if you want the existing ones there too.

You can also look into Syncronize Ultimate for full synching to NC webdav,

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