Is it illegal to use a copyright mark?

Hi guys, my ist question is if it is illegal to add a copyright mark to my nextcloud server?

Example: © <?php echo date ('Y') . " your name"; ?> all rights reserved

My cloud is not commercial.


so due to which circumstances would you claim a copyright?

Maybe to avoid that other users copy my cloud. But the main reason is actually that it looks cool so it’s just for fun. But I also don’t want to Abusing the law.

But I think it is okay because it’s just a private cloud but I’m not sure.

frankly said - if it’s just for private use… and for fun - why asking?
none of your users would care for it and none would sue you for using it ‘illegally’ :wink:

and bringing it out it would noone really hinder to copy your cloud if he or she would want to (whatever “copy” in this context would mean)

I know but I just want to be sure. But thanks for your answer!