Is getDirectDownload working?

Hi guys, does anyone know if getDirectDownload method of Common Storage works in Nextcloud 13

 * A custom storage implementation can return an url for direct download of a give file.
 * For now the returned array can hold the parameter url - in future more attributes might follow.
 * @param string $path
 * @return array|false
public function getDirectDownload($path) {
	return [];

We had implemented this method in our storage class, but it is not invoked consistently - for example, it is not invoked in shared tab or on public sharing page. Is this feature completed, tested, what is the purpose and usecase?

It is really required feature because it solves the problem of direct streaming/downloading big files from the external storages, otherwise we have bottleneck in Common Storage, it downloads the file with get_file_contents before sending any haders or content. It makes it unusable on big files.
Any help/ideas appreciated.


@bjoern sharing thingy? or @icewind just storage API problem :smiley: