Is disabling Help menu only possible in Nextcloud Enterprise?

I try to disable the Help menu item.

What I found is the following:

However, that config.php setting described in there does not work.
I realized that the above URL is from the NextCloud Enterprise version.

Does that mean that the config.php setting will not work?

How else can I remove the Help menu?


NextCloud VM, 20.0.2

'knowledgebaseenabled' => false,

So the manual at is wrong?

Unfortunately, setting the entry to false did not work.
I restarted php7.4-fpm and apache2 but it had no effect…

In the meantime I found that the prolem is eventually related to my installation.

The above setting works perfectly in snap installation (, but does not work in a VM installation (

I do not know what the differences are, but it looks like the VM version does not read the config.php file the same way?