Is development for maps dead?

Looking at GitHub there are long lists of issues and uncompleted goals. The only activity is from the bot that keeps trying to update components with no human review.

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While the nextcloud-bot updates translations every day, there are also recent commits from july and even a new version (v0.1.9):


Therefore i wouldn’t consider the maps app as “dead”. As far as i know, it is a third party app though which is not developed directly by the Nextcloud GmbH but by volunteers. If you have a long term vision, i am sure that new contributors are highly welcome. Therefore i encourage you to get active yourself at the project or ask what’s needed to get done to release the new features you are waiting for :slightly_smiling_face: Maybe a solution can be found this way or a freelancer can get hired to fix remaining issues (just throwing around ideas…)

Nearly dead with bare minimum changes would be more apt. And I’m not a developer so my contribution wouldn’t be useful.

I don’t have a vision for maps, I have it installed and just want it to work. Besides, there was already a “vision” for it, but that seems to have stalled a while ago.