Is Collabora slow?


I am currently looking into Nextcloud.

I have tried the online demo, I was, among other things, interested by the Collabora features. I tried to edit a simple text file with a friend and despite the fact that the document was almost empty and that we were only two editing the file concurrently, it was awfully slow. Slow to the point where it was not usable. We did not use any peculiar feature, just write/delete some words at the same time.

We tried several times (different days of the week, time of the day,โ€ฆ) and the behavior was the same every time.

Is it related to the demo? How does the Collabora text editor compare to Etherpad Lite for instance in terms of performance? What are the system requirements and resources needed to run the Collabora text editor without lag?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Not with me. My test instance is in my hallway closet at home, on a simple upBoard. with a home 200/20 connection. I am about 75km away. The other user is 1300km away. I am on a business connection (huge). The other users on some lowsy orange connect 1 to 15Mbit adsl.

Using it remote with two different users looks like there is no lag at all.

Of course this would change with more users. But the CODE is restricted to 10 opened documents and 20 concurrent users anyway.

The only time itโ€™s been slow is when I had clamav / clamscan running. It would take a ridiculous amount of time to save a file. I ended up turning clam off. I guess if I really need to scan something I can download it to my PC and let it scan the file. Clam made it near unable.