Is case sensitivity conflicts from Windows Client -> Linux Server handled any better from Owncloud 7?


I had a huge data loss problem when renaming folders that are being actively synced from a Windows 7 client to a Linux Server. Lots of 409 conflicts and folders just being deleted without being prompted first. Caused me to abandon OwnCloud :slight_smile: I had a bug report open here that just kind of went nowhere and then was closed without any enhancements made (to my knowledge):

I am intrigued with NextCloud and am curious if any progress has been made to help case sensitivity issues be handled more robustly?


You can always use Bountysource to make sure your issue gets the attentions it requires.
Here the link:

“I tried briefly to replicate it but was unable to” If you are able to reproduce things with the newest versions of ownCloud I am sure you will be helped …