Is Calendar App broken? Nextcloud version 20.0.4

Hi – I’ve been using nextcloud for a very long time, and it seems as of last week, caldav access to the calendars suddenly broke last week. I can’t access from iphone anymore and sometimes the calendar seems broken when accessing directly from within Nexcloud (i’ve included screen captures below). I’m not using a reverse proxy on the LAN – directly to nginx/nextcloud webserver.

Nextcloud version 20.0.4

Within nginx.conf file I have the following:
location = /.well-known/carddav {
return 301 $scheme://$host:$server_port/remote.php/dav;
location = /.well-known/caldav {
return 301 $scheme://$host:$server_port/remote.php/dav;

The Calendar app is only a client app, similar to the apps on your PC or mobile device and therefore not responsible for any connection problems :wink:

The basic CalDAV function is part of the Nextcloud server package. Due to the fact that you’ve most likely not update the Nextcloud software itself, I assume that you’ve applied OS specific or PHP module updates.

I would recommend to check the Nextcloud server log and the web server log files first.

Thanks for reply.

Must have been on my end. I hadn’t changed by nginx nextcloud.conf file in a long time. I looked at the official documentation and say that a lot of the location statements were different than when I set it with the documentation maybe 2 years ago.??? Anyway started with fresh configuration file and added in my cert stuff and it somehow magically started working.

Not sure??

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