Is 14.0.2 the same as 13.0.7?

Hello everybody,

I am running a cloud on Nextcloud 13.0.6 and received an email today, that a new update to 13.0.7, 14.0.2 and 12.0.6 was available.
So I logged into my settings and indeed, I am shown that version 13.0.7 is available. When I click “Open updater”, however, the screen says that I am about to download and install Nextcloud 14.0.2, not 13.0.7.

So I have the following questions:
1.) Is 14.0.2 the same as 13.0.7? Because from my knowledge, 14 should be a major upgrade over 13, while 13.0.7 should be a minor patch.
2.) Is my data 100% safe during the upgrade from 13.0.6 to 14.0.2 via the updater? Or should I perform an upgrade to 13.0.7 to be safe? And how do I upgrade to 13.0.7 via the updater, when it shows only 14.0.2?

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Bei mir wurde auch 13.0.7 angezeigt. Nach dem upgrade bin ich auf 14.0.2 gelandet.

I recently did a 13 to 14 upgrade on a production server without having any major issues. If I remember correctly I only had a few warnings appearing in Administration/Overview that I managed to fix easily.

You data directory will be fine but it’s a good practice to do a full backup before any major upgrades.

Gibt es Gründe, nicht auf 14.0.2 zu gehen?
Are there reasons not to upgrade to 14.0.2?

Not really. Maybe only if you are using an unsupported app.


in 14.01 was some apps not supported … staying 13 0 6

For me are this bugs the reason not to upgrade:


I dont know if I have found all now, but I hope in 14.0.3 everything is fixed.

I have switched month ago to production channel, and therefore the updater patched my system from 13.0.6 to 13.0.7. Because Nextant won´t be supported with NC14 I stay at NC13.

Well, e.g. if you are still running PHP 5.x and can’t switch quickly, you can’t switch to NC 14.x


Hi there,

thank you everyone for your replies.
That is exactly the behaviour I am encountering (although it even shows version 14.3 now)

It depends! In the notification email I received, it says that:
“Minor Nextcloud releases are security and functionality bug fixes, not
rewrites of major systems that risk user data!”

So from what I understand, the risks of updating the cloud “to a new branch” (like someone called it here), i.e. from version 13 to 14, may result in some major bugs. I do not have the time to deal with them right now, so if I am not mistaken, I should choose version 13.0.7 over 14.0.2 when I have 13.0.6 installed, shouldn’t I?
Or is it perfectly safe to jump between branches like this? (I am not sure how it worked when I upgraded from version 12 to version 13 in the past, so maybe this is the right way to do it?)

hi eehmke
gut wäre wenn passman wieder kompatibel wird, update musste ich manuell machen von 13.0.6 auf 14.0.2 in zukunft werde ich jedes update manuell machen. ich habe noch ein post eröffnet betreff tag probleme.
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