IRC Bot for tracking new issues and commits

I’m interested in what the community thinks about an IRC bot.

I had the idea that it would be a good source of information, if a bot posts new issues and commits from the nextclouds github repository to the IRC channel #nextcloud-dev. So developers don’t have to check the github page everytime.

As @LukasReschke mentioned, it could be really annoying to see every commit inside the channel. Maybe the bot should only post a summary of commits every hour or once a day?

Another feature could be that you type a command with an issue ID and the bot displays a short description of that issue.

Any other ideas or options about the IRC bot?

Personally, i prefer pull over push. If “something” just cries for attention every know and then it is disturbing concentration.

From another perspective, is noise that is relevant to a few in an big IRC channel really useful? Github can sent notification via email just as well, and everyone can individually choose to have this or not.


A bot like the one used in #launchpad would be great. You get more info when pasting a URL or even an issue number


IRC should be used for fast and temporary communication and not for notification. There are other better tools for such stuff. And you could choose on github to get notified on all issues and then unsubscribe if you don’t need them. You could even filter the github notifications if they are there because you are @mentioned or only because it was because you watch the repository :wink: That is exactly what you want (at least I think that it is that ;))

We tried out an IRC bot in the past and it’s waaay too much noise. is a very nice dashboard for notifications which I wholeheartedly recommend. :slight_smile:

I would agree with @jan here. If you look in #theforeman-dev or #puppet-dev on Freenode you’ll see a LOT of bot traffic. Maybe a dedicated channel for bot traffic, but at that point why are you not looking at Github?