IPTV in a module (External content?)

I have my personal nextcloud enviroment, hosted in a raspberry and I share it with some friends. It works very well. But i like to enable a feature that i don’t know if it will be easy to enable.

I want to make a very simple module that can play a video from a m3u or m3u8 playlist. The playlist is the following

This playlist is part of this github project.

The videos are TV channels from spain TV.

I think that I can use the module “External websites” and make a very simple html webpage to play them. I previously used “external website” module to make a very simple web with this project

and it works very well, so i think that the IPTV module can be done in a similar way, but i don’t know if exists a project or code that i can use to do it.

ÂżAny ideas?