iPhone Integration

Hi I’m pretty new to Nextcloud, now im running it, syncing my mac, Calendar and my iPhone with it and after a little trouble and miss understanding in the beginning it works very well.
I have today installed couple apps in the cloud because I want to get rid of all the proprietary services. But I hang on one point, in the official iPhone app is no integration of apps in the cloud. So eg i want change from trello to deck but then I would need to check every time with my browser in to see if there are changes and so on, right?!
Isn’t there a way to do that in practical way?

Best wishes


They are working on it.

First of all with the Deck app integration in the activity stream

Then with the availability of your activities on your mobile (I do not know about Iphone app, just found this:


Another step is the introduction of Push Notifications. This is a new thing in Nextcloud 12 and it has still to be used by the apps. You can find some basic info here:

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