Iphone app - autoupload completely broken

the iphone app seems to be broken…

it does generate wrong files names - even the original filenames is set on ;
name of the file in nextcloud > IMG_0059.JPG
name of the file on iphone > IMG_0649

in case photo is taken as Live - some photos are generate with mov other without;
Only 4 mov were generated instead of 16.

any idea why such fundamentals bugs are there?

Hello @wortor,

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    • php modules missing Ubuntu Snap update
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    • nextcloud php modules missing
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@JimmyKater not sure,
i clearly described issue; cant google anything regarding to it.

what exactly is missing?
running nextcloud 24.0.4
using latest ios nextcloud app



i am bit confused… i have photos on iphone as Live;
as part of the Autoupload they are uploaded as jpg and mov; is that correct behavior?

also i assume the reason why i cant preview mov files is some license stuff with apple? there is no way to install player for a preview of these mov files?


Live Photos use the .HEIC format, which from what I can tell is still not natively supported in Nextcloud. Instead, it uses FFMPEG to convert the Live Photo into a movie file and still image.

As far as working previews, it looks like some people got them working in this thread, but it looks complicated.

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still its broken, it does upload files with wrong filenames;
some live photos are uploaded as jpg with mov file other are not…

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