iPadOS and MacOS sync issues


With a self-hosted NC server on Ubuntu, almost up to date, I have persistent synchronization issues.

From both iPadOS 15, latest NC app, and macOS 10.13, NC app last updated in 2020, files are missing to be saved with the latest edits. Even though synchronization status is “green” and last update time stamp appears to be current.

Text files edited are few kB in size.

Text editors and web interface show different versions. The most current one on the most recently used editor. I have developed the habit of keeping editors open as a backup of last resort since the latest version is locally cached.

Sometimes on macOS and on the web interface I am offered the option to keep one of two conflicting versions. It never happened on iPadOS.

Last detail I am on a high latency connection. Pinging the web server, not the sync server though, returns an average of 200 ms with peaks of 400.

Please advise. Thanks.

Adding details this morning moved location of one folder via Files app on iPad. Few MB in total. Even though everything appeared normal, back to the Mac nothing changed. Waited ten minutes and still nothing. Background app refresh is On for both Files and NC apps on iPad.

I am pausing my use of the service for now. This arrangement is clearly not suitable for remote collaboration.