iPad sorting issue

It seems (clients say, I have to confirm) that Nextcloud on iPad is auto-changing the sort to “changed date” instead of alphabetically. Has anyone seen this?

At the moment it seems to remember my choice on iPhone. What app versions?

2.16 (00012) is the version reported.

Can you replicate it? I can’t here.

I will follow up tomorrow - I don’t have an IOS device, but I might be able to test on my kid’s iPod

non issue. they didn’t realize how binary works. 1 2 3 4 5… 10 11 12. on the ipad - 1 10 11 2. they’re changing the names (01 02 03) to make it reflect properly. no worries.

thanks for the help!

Users, eh? :slight_smile:

dude… so much hurt.