iPad app making directories dissapear

My Nextcloud app is failing on a iPad Air 2019…

I’ve been running Nextcloud 18.03 on a rpi4 under Raspbian with apache2 and MariaDB without big issues for a few months. It is mainly used for pictures/videos cloud solution for my Android phone and wife’s iPhone and doing a good job so far.

Thing is, I bough an iPad Air 2019, downloaded the app, logged in with my credentials and the thing logs on but corrupts stuff the short lap of time it’ll work… First I could stream videos smoothly and soon after, files and directories would disappear. I used occ to files:scan —all and retrieved everything but the iPad app refuses to work correctly.

Anyone know where I should aim corrections? Nextcloud data is on the sd card and media is stored on an external SSD.

Have a great day!