IP Camera or Onvif Camera

I would like to use my nextcloud to stream from some IP cams on our property but only for my nextcloud users.
And no, these cams ore not adult only :wink:
Unfortnately, I am not a developer who could just sit down and create an app
I think the best would be if it used the Onvif protocol.
But I do know that often Onvif is claimed supported but the implemtation is not so great.
Anyhow, it would be great if someone did a start, as there doesn’t seem to be anything around at the moment.

I may have found someone who can do the coding for me.
The idea is to make it as simple as possible, on the other hand I would like to know what features may deem useful / necessary:
I would like to ask the comunity:
Those are the thoughts:

  • up to 4 concurrent streems
  • control each camera (Pan - Tilt - Zoom, Focus, Presets)
  • share streams amongst users
  • record streams / take pictures

Any ideas, thoughts, please let me know.

Did you get any further with this idea? I’d like the option to keep our small cctv setup’s recording and control out of the hands of an Amazon megacorp or some unknown startup.

Seems a natural fit for Nextcloud.