IP Address change

I setup my nextcloud device at my office, then brought it home. Now I’m getting a message saying that my home IP address is not a trusted domain and there is a link to add it to the trusted domain list. However when I click on the link I notice that it’s trying to use the old URL (work IP address) to try and add the new IP address to the trusted domain’s list. How can I get my home address added to the trusted domain list? I’ve tried to SSH to the box with the admin account, but that does not work. I’ve also tried to search the documentation and forums for the SSH password but cannot find a default either.

Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sorry I forgot to mention this is on a NetCloud Box

If you have source file access, you can change it in config.php

That’s the issue I can’t find out what the creds are for ssh to update the settings.