iOS Video Upload orientation feature to incl. all video/picture data

Hello everybody,

I have noticed the following when using the iOS app and would like to receive feedback before I open a feature request on

  1. I have recorded a video on my mobile phone. When I recorded it, the image orientation was already wrong. Shooting timer was displayed upside down at the bottom of the screen
  2. uploaded the video to my Nextcloud server Using iOS Nextcloud App. Video selected and uploaded
  3. video was displayed on the web as well as in the Nextcloud app with wrong image orientation.

When I upload (share) the video via the iOS image app and select under options that all photo data should be included, the video is displayed correctly (orientation) in the web app as well as in the Nextcloud app.

Idea for a feature request:
The option to include all photo data should also be offered as an option when uploading from the Nextcloud App.

Please let me know if you can confirm this behaviour.

Greeting Christian