Ios talk notifications not working

Nextcloud version :16.0.1
Operating system and version :18.04.02
Apache or nginx version :2.4
PHP version :7.2

The issue you are facing:

I do not receive any notofications on two different iphones. The latest talk app is installed and everything is running smoothly, but no notifications are sent either invations for calls nor messages.
I do get notifications though in th web gui.
Any help to debug this issue is highly appreciated.

Thanks very much in advance,

Hello @fraank

Could you please make sure that you run the latest Version of Nextcloud?
i had a the same problem till i updated the instance to the latest Patches.

Hi there, I’m running the latest stable version and expiriencing the issue since version 15.x

Thanks for any help

Hi @ivan and @ios , how to make notification work in nextcloud talk ios if you change the bundle identifier? The notification is working when I use the nextcloud talk from app store.

Hi @fraank,

are you using the iOS app from the App Store or are you building your own one?
If you are using the one from the App Store, you should be able to receive push notifications.
If that’s your case, could you try to log-out, remove the app and reinstall it again?


Hi @raymond.barrinuevo,

This is only possible with an enterprise subscription with branding support:

Yould could see a GitHub discussion regarding that topic here:


Hi, Ivan.

Is there any official document regarding this?