iOS photos upload not working with nextcloud subfolders

iOS 10.2
Nextcloud Application Version 2.16
Server version

I’m on a fresh install of iOS and Nextcloud app. If I select subfolders (on the nextcloud server) for photos upload, it doesn’t work at all. When I switch back to a top-level folder and I take a photo, all photos that wouldn’t initially sync are now uploaded.

Manual upload to those subfolders works.

The client doesn’t show any errors and it doesn’t make a difference if the folders are created via the web interface or with the nextcloud ios client.

Can you update your server version to the current version 11.0.1? Just in case this error was fixed already. And check the server logfiles (nextcloud, webserver) for any errors when you are trying this upload.

I’ll see if I can do an upgrade next week. I’ll report back with results.


I’ve just checked it out with a new ipad setup. Latest NC server and client and it doesn’t work. Android works fine and manual uploads to the folder work as well.

@ios can you help here?

I don’t understand… more info please

  • create folder Test in NextCloud root folder
  • create subfolder TestSubfolder
  • set TestSubfolder as destination for photos upload in iOS client
  • upload doesn’t work
  • same setup works on Android