iOS newbie, simple and well working Android world - photos

Hi All,

I must be blind or looking in wrong direction on how to achieve below on iOS (or maybe my workflow is a wrong idea, though was working well with all until iOS came into picture.

Pictures taken with mobile devices are synced to Nextcloud and are synced to other devices (including tablet, etc.).
There are two folders:

  • Camera (aka DCIM on Android) where all pictures taken land.
  • Filtered - including only pictures which are to be kept on Mobile devices, rest is removed from Camera folder.

This requires:
a) deletion capability on mobile devices
b) show different media folders capability on mobile devices.

This all works find on Android devices:

  • Nextcloud auto-sync (or anything else like FolderSync - amazing tool)
  • Piktures (or almost any other gallery on Android).

Where it fails on iOS is:

  • doesn’t seem like Nextcloud app has deletion implemented,
  • Nextcloud app only uploads pictures, doesn’t download,
  • Nextcloud app doesn’t have ability to have additional folders auto-synced (it exists on Android version).

Part of it seems to be due to sandboxing on iOS, though there is a way that Nextcloud could share “files” - in this case photos with Photos app (not sure if am accurate on terminology).

What am I missing? There seems to be a Photosync though am not sure if this allows sharing photos + it just breaks the idea of using Nextcloud with native iOS tools to show pictures and autosync is premium feature.

Is there a working solution to get Nextcloud to download photos from even Camera folder and include it in photos on the phone? Maybe I should have “filtered” as sub folder and then Phtoos app on iOS wouuld show these photos? (I doubt).

Any ideas on how to resolve this would be appreciated. I did rtfm/searching and it really feels like I might be forced by lack of solution to use iCloud which breaks the purpose of even using NextCloud on iOS device if it doesn’ allow to delete, download and view photos.