iOS NC client and Yubikey as 2FA does not work

dear community,

I‘ve set up my nc 24 with 2fa (yubikey) which works great for the webfront.

if i try to connect the mobile ios client the workflow for the connection with the yubikey (nfc with ios) does
not work. the workflow with the yubikey and mobile safari on ios works.

the nc app (current and testflight) on ios does not recognize the key.

any hints on that?



Not sure if that is supposed to work. Normally, you connect the client, then authenticate via browser and 2FA and then the client gets a permanent client key to log in. Not sure if you wanted to do this, or if you want to login each time with 2FA…

dear @tflidd

yes, you are right.

the error that coming from the ios app to the browser after entering the username/password is the following:

„And error has occurred {MSG}“

Any hints on that?

Anything in the log files?

unfortunately not. just to add. the login via ios browser ie safari with yubikey works as aspected.

Perhaps try the bug tracker. I found some issues, but not spot on your problem.
Password-less authentication: Passwordless authentication with Yubikey doesn't work · Issue #2150 · nextcloud/ios · GitHub
2FA: But different error: Update to 14.4.1 logged users out and sign-in process for 2FA users is broken · Issue #2131 · nextcloud/ios · GitHub

Hello! I have the same problem. Do you have any solution?

unfortunately not :-/ plan b is to use backup keys or totp as second 2fa. no solution only a bypass.