iOS music / Podcasts

Hello, i installed NC and it works great.

On one Point i get stuck on my IPhone:
Is it possible to sync Music or Podcasts on a similar way as Photos?

I Want to manage them on a Folder on my NC and have them available on the iPhone.
The best case would be if they would be automatically synced, so that they are avilable on my iPhone when i’m offline.

Many Thanks,


several Ideas:

Existing Apps as the Audio Player provide an online player for your (iOS) Browser. But they depend on an online connection and only play the current song or the whole playlist, when the device is unlocked and the app is active.
Reason is, that they work based on JS, which is not executed in the background.

What you need is either a webdav-capable iOS app (don´t know if it exists), but then you again require online.

next approach is to sync the files with the NC iOS app. But then you need a player to work on your local Files on the iPhone. iTunes only goes for the internal library and this can not be modified by 3rd party

Thank you, Rello!

This is not quite accurate. The following setup would work. On the iOS side you need a podcast syncer - my favourite was downcast with which you subscribe to podcasts. These files are then synced to your iOS device - there’s no need to go anywhere near iTunes. I did this some years ago (not from NC) and as I recall the great thing is that iOS (unlike android) has very good podcast support (the native player as I remember) is used - and can be configured to display id3 tags info you have in the podcast file - e.g. programme information and cover art… etc. etc.
The “only” thing the NC needs is to serve an RSS/XML for your various podcast directories - there are various libraries out their that can do this on the fly - in perl etc. I’m not sure if there is a specific NC app.

The only thing to check is to make sure you uphold the iOS tagging conventions. In other words - when iTunes handles your podcasts - it adjusts you tags to an expected format - it actually modifies the tags on your mp3 files etc. As you are not going through iTunes it pays to have the tags in your mp4,mp3 etc. follow the same adjustments. This way iOS recognises the files as podcasts and the tags are handled in a way you would expect.