iOS - Multiple App notifications after calendar event update


When I update an event, the NC app generate 2 notifications

  1. First one to inform that “x” has been updated/deleted to “x”
  2. Seconde one to inform that the event “x” has been updated/deleted to the calendar “x”

Is it normal, I’m the only one?


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I’m wondering this too. I suspect what’s happening on my server is the Nextcloud iOS app is causing no-change updates when it syncs.

I think I’m experiencing Other people accepting event invitation results in email saying "invitation updated" · Issue #11539 · nextcloud/server · GitHub or something like that, except it happens when any event is synchronized, not only when one is accepted/declined.

@meonkeys So you’re experiencing a no-change updates on macos syncs as well? Did you manage to find any workaround for this? (I created a dedicated topic for this issue)

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Yes, seeing this on macos as well. No, I have not found a workaround. Thanks for creating the dedicated topic!