iOS integration - Automatic download in Files App

Dear Community,

I switched from Android to iOS and so far I’m pretty happy. In the Nextcloud app, everything works without any problems. However, I have a problem with the integration of Nextcloud with Apple’s Files app. As soon as I open a new folder in the Files app on my Nextcloud, my iPad starts downloading all the files in the folder. I have not selected any of the files. I can then open the files without an internet connection - so they are stored locally on my device. In the Nextcloud app these files get a green tick, but they are not listed under offline files. I don’t see any way to delete these files from the storage on my device. So I have the following questions:

  • Is this behavior normal / desired ?
  • Can I configure my Ipad to download only files that I select ?
  • How can I delete these files from the memory of my iPad ?

Thanks in advance for your help, this Nextcloud behavior on my iPad is driving me crazy.

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Hi ! This is not normal, something in internal DB is broken or you are selected all files and directories in / (home or root) available offline.
Go to in advanced setting and clear the cache, should be resolve it.


Hey! Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately clearing the cache did not help. I also reset the app completely, still without success. As soon as I open a folder on my Nextcloud via the Files app, the download icons start circling.

At least now I know that the behavior is not intentional. Are there any other possible solutions? Could this be related to the configuration of my server?

I’d like to bring this back to your attention as I have been dealing with this too for the last year since I first started using Nextcloud with iPadOS. I have tried defaulting the app and cache, etc, but no success. Some folders do it, others don’t. It’s pretty random. I have never set root to be available offline, only some folders but they all do it. The only workaround is to just wait and let the whole folder of images download which is annoying to wait for, it cannot be stopped.

Remember this only affects image files.

Is there something I can do server side to reset things somehow maybe?