iOS Help self host

Hi Guys

Recently setup my server running the following
Nginx Manager

All was going great and I’ve setup my nextcloud but now hitting an error with IOS devices

Is what I get when I attempt to load the page on saferai

If I use the IOS app, it asks me for a token to login.

I’ve searched the forum and added proxy_hide_header Upgrade; to the nginx config but still the same

If I disable SSL, http/2 and use http on the server setup on the app, it loads like it should but won’t accept password, keep getting user denied, but also the webpage remains as the pic above?

I’m at the stage now that I’ve spent 2 days looking at this and now ready to try owncloud :sob: any help appreciated.

Site is HTTPS:// should you need it

Looks quite okay here on iOS :thinking:
iOS version? Cache? Ad blocker?

Hi, thanks SysKeeper

Yeah I disabled http/2 and force SSL in Nginx and it worked. Only issue now is Talk… If I go in there from the web, It works for 1 - 2 mins then I get a lost connection with signalling service, and then a Gateway error

Now disabled the APP talk, and so far all seems good>?

Hard to say without details. But you should check out the talk iOS app for talk. The web is not super optimised for mobile usage